lördag 8 april 2017

The World is a crowded place - Blogg100 - Dag 39

Bara ett Edward W Said-citat till:

In our wish to make ourselves heard, we tend very often to forget that the world is a crowded place, and that if everyone were to insist on the radical purity or priority of one´s own choice, all we would have would be the awful din of unending strife, and a bloody political mess, the true horror of which is beginning to be perceptible here and there in the re-emergence of racist politics in Europe, the cacophony of debates over political correctness and identity politics in the United States, and - to speak about my own part of the world - the intolerance of religious prejudice and illusionary promises of Bismarckian despotism, á la Saddam Hussein and his numerous Arab epigones and counterparts. (Edward W Said Culture and Imperialism 1993 s. xxiii)

Med tanke på att detta skrevs 1993 känns det ganska profetiskt.

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